How to build a winning sales team

From Startup To Scale-Up: How To Build a Winning SaaS Sales Team

From Startup To Scale-Up: How To Build a Winning SaaS Sales Team Once you’ve passed the early stage as a startup and your company has found product-market fit, it’s time to scale up. At this point something changes. The startup mindset of bootstrapping, being able to get results with minimal resources is not going to cut […]

Prospect Database

SaaS Sales (5): Prospect Database – Buy or Build?

Prospect Database: Buy or Build? The prospect database is probably the most important part of your Sales Machine 2.0. Prospects are the fuel that is fed into to machine to make the engine run. Sales Managers face an important decision regarding prospect databases: To Buy One or To Build One.  The Buying Argument The final […]

Email Trackers
The Stack

3 Email Trackers and 1 Email-Tracker-Tracker

I have been using email trackers a lot lately. They’re great, for many reasons. Email trackers allow you to track whether someone has opened an email so you know whether a friendly reminder is appropriate or not. Or whether you should allow some more time in case the receiver hasn’t opened your email yet. In […]

Sales Automation
Sales, The Stack

SaaS Sales (4): A Guide To Buying A Sales Automation System (Or A Car)

The onset of sales automation (read:lead generation automation) has made the life of many salespeople a lot easier. A previous post discussed the concept of high volume targeted messaging. Quick recap: high volume target messaging refers to having a sales automation system automatically fill out variables (e.g. name) in a template email, that is then […]

Lead Generation

SaaS Sales (3): A New Way To Predictable Lead Generation

Email Lead Generation can be a tedious task. Finding and contacting leads based of social networks like Linkedin is time-consuming, especially if your value proposition is not clear yet. Part 2 of this series touched on structuring the sales process after a SaaS startup has seen initial traction. Part 3 will address the Lead Generation role […]

Sales Process Toolbox

SaaS Sales (2): Setting Up A Sales Process For Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue is key to company growth. Although many companies may struggle with structuring their sales process in a way that will product predictable results, this post will addresses specific challenges for early stage SaaS startups. An early-stage startup usually acquires its first customers from the leads generated through the founder’s personal network. In a […]

Outbound Prospecting

SaaS Sales (1): 5 Ways To Get More Result With Outbound Prospecting

Outbound Prospecting has proven slow to evolve over the past years. Email blasts and cold calling have been the way to go, resulting in suboptimal lead generation both for the prospect as well as for your business. You may have heard of email marketing already, and instantly associate it to all the SPAMMY messages that you […]

startup funding

How To Unlock Startup Funding: A Guide

A Guide On How To Unlock Startup Funding In Europe  Getting startup funding is hard. You have a good idea, a working prototype (more or less) and a small amount of traction. Yet still investors are turning down your investment proposal.  True, seed capital investments are on the rise in the US however European entrepreneurs […]

Cost Reduction

CFOs: 3 Ideas That Will Help You With Cost Reduction

One major take-away for CFOs in the past years is that it pays to be pro-active towards cost reduction and control. Getting there often takes a large planning effort. Here are 3 cost reduction ideas that require little planning and can impact your EBITDA before 2016. During the economic downturn of the past 5 years […]

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